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Individual Coaching

We help people rediscover the spark and seek greater fulfilment in their personal and professional lives. It's important to listen to the signs and pursue realignment of what matters most.

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Here’s How We Can Help

Build confidence, gain clarity and move past challenging periods of feeling stuck.

Coaching to your needs and requirements.
No two clients are the same!

Personal Coaching

Rediscover that spark and take the steps towards greater fulfilment. We help our clients clarify goals, identify obstacles and map the path through challenging periods.

Steps to success

Define your specific vision of success and prevent problems from appearing in the future. Create a strategy that propels you towards your desired goals and outcomes.

Between two shores

Build a happy, confident and meaningful life in your new new home. Don’t get lost in the transitionary period and make the most of this joyful new experience.

What To Expect

We start with an intake. Here we meet each other and you can talk about you and your troubles and general topics of your life. I will tell you more about the track and the way we can work together. And some practicalities.

We explore your questions and how to approach them. There can be emotional, behavioural and thinking patterns that need to be addressed.They can be about professional goals, and personal growth.

In all of our 1:1 sessions, each client’s experience is different to the next. We call this a made to measure approach.

We utilise a made to measure process to ensure each individual's specific needs are identified and an approach personalised to their life, expectations and challenges is crafted.

We keep track on your process. Ups and downs are part of it.

Physical and mental exercises between sessions that help you change gradually.

We work with different methods, where Transactional Analysis and its systemic approach play a great role. Also theories of Deep Democracy, Functional Fluency, Positive Psychology, ACT and Polyvagal Theory are integrated. It's important to narrow down some target areas to specific goals, both personal and professional.

This helps us analyse and uncover what specific approach will be optimal as we develop a trust building relationship.

We help our clients form their own evaluative vision that helps them raise the bar in their own lives.

Some of our FAQs

Common questions and answers about our services.

How do I get in touch?

Either head to our Contact Us page or get in touch with us at info@utime.world

Where are your offices located?

We have an office in District Saldanha in Lisbon.

I don’t live in Portugal, can I still work with you?

Of course! We are very accommodative with online sessions.

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis, (TA), is a social psychological theory. It is a theory about who you are, how communication between people works and also about psychopathology. This theory includes a number of core concepts that support people to become aware of their pattern of thinking, feeling and doing and how they relate to themselves and others. Transactional Analysis has its origins in psycho-analysis. Founder, Eric Berne, was a rebel in his time. His basic assumptions were:
* I am OK, you are OK, everyone is equal.
* Everyone can think.
* Everyone can change and revise unhealthy life decisions.
He found it important to include the client in their process, instead of being a subject. In order to do that he developed ways to understand the psycho-analysis for 'everyone'; he used language fit for children from eight years on, and claimed that a concept was only useful when it could be represented in a diagram. The purpose of TA is to gain more self knowledge of the internal process as well as the external, our communication. Four main fields are Psychotherapy, Educational, Coaching & Counseling and Organizational. All fields work with similar 'classical' contents, familiar and more unfamiliar models. And, every field has more specific knowledge. TA is an effective tool for organizational development, coaching, therapy and personal growth. U Time is operating mainly in three fields: Organizational, Coaching & Counseling and Educational. Belief in personal responsibility and in the self-managing capacity of people are the pillars of thinking and acting on the basis of Transactional Analysis.

TA professionals presuppose and investigate people's autonomy and personal responsibility. TA helps to create a working climate that promotes autonomy, openness and warmth between people. This leads to vital and flexible people and organizations.

What do you mean by Applied Neurobiology?

This is about getting to the root of trauma, where it lives in the physiology, beneath the value judgments and mental stories. It’s about bringing the trauma responses, which the mind keeps repeating, to completion through the body. It’s also about shifting our perspective about our trauma and pain, ideally moving out of a disempowering, defeated lens into an empowering one to reclaim agency, choice, and resilience in our nervous system and psyche.

The body has inprinted patterns. By listening to your body, you understand these patterns even better. You return to your core and feel what your body really needs. Working with body language is an important source of self-awareness and change. That makes the combination of TA and bodywork so beneficial. Certainly, when working deeply and efficient with stress and trauma-related physical complaints. The method of Embodied Psychotherapy & Coaching is based on working with the nervous system and with the body language.

More questions?

If you need to ask anything, we would love to hear from you.