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We help executives, organisations, teams, leaders and individuals develop deeper understandings of what makes them thrive. Creating exceptional leaders, bright and cohesive teams as well as confident, goal-smashing individuals.

Bringing proven, innovative coaching styles such as Transactional Analysis, Deep Democracy, Functional Fluency and Neurobiological Change into our day to day practice, spreading awareness on how to address the body and mind as one. We use a holistic approach to address each individual as a whole being, learning and analysing what messages the body is telling the mind and vice versa.

What our clients are saying about us

"I have experienced Eva as a wise and attentive coach. With her attention and insights, I have made great strides in my personal development. I cannot thank Eva enough! Life changing and really a must for anyone who wants to get rid of patterns and systems that are no longer good for them!"


“The contact with Eva was always very pleasant. I felt really seen and heard and I got a lot out of it."


“Eva was incredibly professional when helping our organisation with team coaching."


So busy doing it all that you have no time for you?

With our U Time Academy you can enjoy a unique retreat, while deepening your development with a training in Transactional Analysis. It's time to use the sources we have to overcome the difficulties of life and create more time for you.

Held at different locations around Portugal, the programs of the U Time Academy are a place for training, deep rest, stillness, space and contemplation, conscious movement and just being. It's time to nourish your body and your soul in beautiful calming surroundings, it's time for you to do this, for you.

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