Rediscover Your Core

Saturday 13th - Thursday 18th of May 2023  

Learn the basics of Transactional Analysis in a relaxing retreat environment that will enhance your resilience through life. Teaching you to use the sources we have to overcome the challenges of life, connect with yourself on a true deep level and gain fresh energy, a calm state of mind and a full hearted soul.

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transformational retreat with TA training

TA Training

We've created what we believe to be a healthy, complete and life-changing learning environment. Combining a retreat experience with an official recognized TA 101 certificate and qualifications.

Conscious Movement

Included in the retreat is multiple forms of conscious movement, allowing you to feel and understand tools to gain awareness and rebalance the nervous system.

All-inclusive Accommodation

We've specially selected a luxurious private accommodation which is entirely and only available to our group. Enjoy complete relaxation while bathing in the warm Portuguese sun, walking through breathtaking gardens, preserved nature and connect with yourself during an Ayurvedic massage.

Your Program Includes

  • TA Training
    The TA 101 - extended.
    The introductory course syllabus and handout.
    Certificate of TA 101 with 16h Training by P-TSTA Karen Bruyn.
  • Conscious Movement
    Included in the retreat is multiple forms of conscious movement, integrating neurosensory, polyvagal, mindfulness and strengthening exersizes.
  • Massage
    1 1/2 hour Ayurvedic massage.
  • Sunny location in Portugal
    Luxurious and comfortable private accommodation entirely and only available to our group.
    Private Rooms - unless sharing is requested, then of course you are more than welcome.
    Swimming Pool to relax and bathe in the sun.
    All day delicious healthy vegetarian food, fresh from the garden made with love by an in-house chef.
  • Extra’s
    Shamanic Ritual, deepening your intentions.
    1 on 1 intake.
    Demo embodied therapy.
  • Time, just for you!

Rediscover Your Core

  1. A retreat program designed to deeply explore and sustainably transform guiding beliefs and truly re-discover your core.

    As U Time, we believe in a holistic approach. Our approach is to target the mind, body and soul as one, analysing the entirety of your being as one.

    Every morning starts with a conscious movement session, in order to connect with your body and make contact with your inner world and feelings. These movement sessions are there to gain insight into barriers and be aware and present in that moment.

    During the basic training in Transactional Analysis we analyse guiding beliefs and explore other options that yield different behavior, thoughts and emotions in relation to experiences of life.

    This so-called 101 training also provides access to all the other training courses TA offers worldwide, since you will receive a certificate officially recognized by the International Transactional Analysis Association and the European Association for Transactional Analysis.

    We have chosen to work at a relaxed pace, so that the concepts can sink in and connect to the knowledge the participants already have.

    While being in retreat, you can focus on releasing, slowing down and finding inner silence. You will feel nourished while enjoying an hour-and-a-half Ayurvedic massage, a connection with your inner knowledge through a Shamanic ritual, all day vegetarian food and plenty of time for nature and just being.

    You will learn to use positive and healthy habits, to take a step in your professional development and to reconnect to your full potential as a human.

Pricing & Conditions

Single Luxury Room
€ 2400,-
Single Room
€ 2350,-
Single Room
€ 2250,-
& shared Bathroom
Single Luxury Suite
€ 2500,-
& living room & kitchen
Apartment Suite
2 bedrooms
€ 2300,- p.p.
& living room & kitchen
(Private € 2650,-)
Early Bird - 10% discount until the 31st. of March

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Meet Your Hosts

About Karen

Karen is a Psychologist and TA-Psychotherapist, Provisional TA Supervisor and Teacher. Since 2011, she has had her own practice as a trainer, coach and therapist. Karen combines a clear head with a warm heart and helps connect people to their own inner core, family context and destiny. She also works with shamanic methods to help other address the mind, body and soul in her practice.

About Eva

Eva is the founder of U Time.
She is an experienced and empathic coach and trainer who addresses the mind and body as a whole. Working internationally, online and live in Portugal, she uses Transactional Analysis to help individuals, teams and organizations to increase insight and improve communication.
She also has a background in Vedic lifestyle, yoga and meditation
and brings polyvagal theory into practice.

About Justine

Justine Schenk is a psychosomatic specialised physiotherapist from the Netherlands, a specialisation that brings the body and mind together.

She works with clients that experience chronic pain and stress related issues, using the biopsychosocial model, ACT, mindfulness and graded activity training.

She greatly enjoys helping others to explore the possibilities and boundaries of their body with compassion and self care.

About the location

Located about 90 minutes northeast of Lisbon, on a lovingly restored  150 year old working farm. The retreat venue is a family owned and operated business. Set on 42 hectares of tranquil farmland, in a beautiful and naturally abundant part of Portugal close to many hiking trails. The retreat features modern and comfortable accommodation, a swimming pool, plentiful gardens, serene picturesque surroundings and wonderful spaces for workshops, dance, movement or play.

Some U Time Academy FAQs

Everything else you need to know about our experiences and retreats.

Where is the program located?

Quinta Carvalhas, located about 90 minutes northeast of Lisbon, on a lovingly restored  150 year old working farm.

What's not included in the pricing?

All travel costs (we can help arrange a van transfer on request)

How is U Time Academy different from other (TA) Academys?

We want to offer you an experience of self development combined with sources that help you destress, like movement, breath, healthy food, and spa & massage. Utilising a unique approach to learning in a retreat style environment.

How is a U Time Academy different from traditional 'Retreats'?

U Time Academy is a fusion of traditional learning in a retreat style environment to ensure your body and mind are open and relaxed when absorbing new life-changing information and practices.

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis, (TA), is a social psychological theory. It is a theory about who you are, how communication between people works and also about psychopathology. This theory includes a number of core concepts that support people to become aware of their pattern of thinking, feeling and doing and how they relate to themselves and others. Transactional Analysis has its origins in psycho-analysis. Founder, Eric Berne, was a rebel in his time. His basic assumptions were:
* I am OK, you are OK, everyone is equal.
* Everyone can think.
* Everyone can change and revise unhealthy life decisions.
He found it important to include the client in their process, instead of being a subject. In order to do that he developed ways to understand the psycho-analysis for 'everyone'; he used language fit for children from eight years on, and claimed that a concept was only useful when it could be represented in a diagram. The purpose of TA is to gain more self knowledge of the internal process as well as the external, our communication. Four main fields are Psychotherapy, Educational, Coaching & Counseling and Organizational. All fields work with similar 'classical' contents, familiar and more unfamiliar models. And, every field has more specific knowledge. TA is an effective tool for organizational development, coaching, therapy and personal growth. U Time is operating mainly in three fields: Organizational, Coaching & Counseling and Educational. Belief in personal responsibility and in the self-managing capacity of people are the pillars of thinking and acting on the basis of Transactional Analysis.

TA professionals presuppose and investigate people's autonomy and personal responsibility. TA helps to create a working climate that promotes autonomy, openness and warmth between people. This leads to vital and flexible people and organizations.

What ammenities do the rooms have?

Coffee & Tea facilities
Mini fridge
Reusable water bottles
Ensuite bathroom (6 rooms with private bathroom, 5 with shared bathroom)
Shampoo & body wash
Hair dryer
Temperature control
Complimentary Wi-fi

More questions?

If you need to ask anything, we would love to hear from you.