Decode Your Body Wisdom

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Recognise patterns in how you are living your life, decode the body's signals, using them to make wise decisions about your life to live healthy, balanced and recourced. Take the time to de-stress and relax , while indulging in a peaceful and tranquil environment in Portugal

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Learning to trust the Wisdom of your body in order to thrive

You often expect a lot from yourself and therefore from your body, forgetting that the rhythm in our society didn't leave time for our body to adapt to the fast-pace and expectations. Luckily, Your body is wise! It has an inner wisdom and it knows if the price you are paying to survive the Urban Jungle is high.

This training is about recognising patterns in how you are living your life, to recognise the body's signals. To survive in modern life, you sometimes need to set your own needs and longings aside. You might ignore some stress complaints in your body. You will learn how to make a conscious heart-felt choice about yourself and the life you want to live, while using your body’s wisdom in this decision process.

Download the Decode Your Body Wisdom Information Booklet for additional details on this U Time Academy Program


We've created what we believe to be the healthiest and most relaxing learning environment. Combining a retreat style experience with an officially recognised Certificate for Transactional Analysis, signed by TSTA Linda Hoeben.


To disconnect from the hastiness of the Urban Jungle we live in you must reconnect with your body and it's intuitive wisdom. We use Flow Yoga, Mindfulness and Movement Workshop from Ido Portals' method.


Enjoy highly nutritious and delicious chef-prepared meals throughout your U Time Academy Program. We have a vegetarian chef alongside us to help fuel the body and mind with the highest quality ingredients.

Your Program Includes

  • Certificate of 18,5h TA & Embodied Coaching Training by TSTA Linda Hoeben
  • Complete "Decode Your Body Wisdom" training
  • Luxurious, clean, and comfortable private accommodation
  • The spacious venue only for our group
  • Private Room - unless sharing is requested, then of course you are more than welcome
  • All day delicious healthy vegetarian food, fresh from the garden made with love by an in house chef
  • Refreshments with fresh fruits and indulgents
  • Every day sessions of Consious moving
  • Movement class held by Movement Lisboa
  • Sound Bath next to warming outdoor fire pit
  • Spa for deep physical cleansing
  • 1 1/2 hour massage: Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese
  • Food and the Five Senses: Blindfolded Food Experience
  • Swimming Pool, relax and bathe in the sun
  • Zen Garden, where birds sing and water peacefully trickles into the pond
  • Time, just for you!

    A Typical Day

    1. 08:00 - Session of Conscious Moving
    2. 09:15 - Nutritious Breakfast
    3. 10:00 - Learning to Decode Your Body Wisdom
    4. 11:30 - Refreshment with fresh fruits
    5. 12:00 - Learning to Decode Your Body Wisdom
    6. 13:00 - Lunch under the Trees
    7. 14:00 - Learning to Decode Your Body Wisdom
    8. 16:00 - Tea and Indulgence
    9. 16:30 - Massages or Time For You
    10. 19:30 - Healthy Vegetarian Dinner by chef Richard
    11. 21:00 - Massages or Time For You

    Pricing & Conditions

    For information on pricing please enquire your interest and we will be in touch with you.

    It would be great to have a basic understanding of Transactional Analysis before attending this experience, meaning you have followed a TA 101 course.

    Read all Terms & Conditions.

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    Meet Your Hosts

    Linda Hoeben

    Linda is an expert in Embodied Coaching. She has over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist and as a coach. She is trained as a social worker, has a master's in criminology and is a certified Trainer and Supervisor in Transactional Analysis (TSTA). In her training institute in Belgium, she trains coaches in 'Embodied Coaching'. In the Netherlands she teaches at the TA Academy. For the European Commission she gives trainings on stress management and coaches at an executive level.

    Eva van der Randen

    Eva is the owner of U Time. She is an experienced and empathic coach and trainer who addresses the mind and body as a whole. Working internationally, online and live in Portugal, she uses Transactional Analysis to help individuals, teams and organizations increase insight and improve communication. She also has a background in Vedic lifestyle, yoga and meditation. The Academy of U Time offers courses of personal growth and TA combined with nourishment of the body, finding mind space and calmness in beautiful surroundings.

    About Movement Lisboa

    Movement is a physical practice that brings together different disciplines with the goals to open and enrich the motor vocabulary of the practitioners in order to develop better and functional human beings.
    It’s clear the poor group of tools that the population has, related to the fact that we spent way too much time seated, inactive and in positions that are way too comfortable for the structure and several that are aggressive for a body that no longer works the proper way.

    Movement Lisboa movement education is based in Ido Portal's method and inspired inside Movement Culture, discovers and brings back those patterns that somehow got lost in what we call human development. To know basic concepts inside the practice such as locomotion, coordination, floor work, mobility, organic strength of stillness to name a few.

    All layers of the same practice that in movement are not dissociated but complementary to life, a sustainable and healthy living to the fullest.


    Always a student, Andre graduated in Sports Science. He is the co-founder of Movement Lisboa, a practitioner and teacher of movement and martial arts, as well as a joint mobility and bodyweight specific trainer. He is a father and eternally curious about everything that involves the human body.


    Tiago is a student of various languages of the body in its entirety (Fighting Monkey, Gaga Method and Movement Culture). He is the co-founder of Movement Lisboa, a movement trainer and practitioner, a performer and spectator of the body as a physical vessel.

    About Quinta Carvalhas

    Located about 90 minutes northeast of Lisbon, on a lovingly restored  150 year old working farm. The retreat venue is a family owned and operated business. Set on 42 hectares of tranquil farmland, in a beautiful and naturally abundant part of Portugal close to many hiking trails. The retreat features modern and comfortable accommodation, a swimming pool, plentiful gardens, serene picturesque surroundings, horses and wonderful venues for workshops, dance, movement or play.